Kraken - Help Index

UPDATED 15/10/20 V1.2.0

Thanks for using Kraken!

See the Getting Started section below for a quick intro to the main functions. Underneath that are more in-depth guides to the various parts of the app. Syncing and Assembling is best demonstrated in video or live demo. Check out YouTube and Facebook for various video walkthroughs.

Most of all... if you have any issues at all.... PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY (Marc Specter on facebook/twitter or krakendet(a)gmail) and I will help you via email or a zoom screenshare if necessary. Some parts of Kraken are a little fiddly to get used to at first but are incredibly useful once you do!

Getting Started


MIDI Sync Setup

Importing Media

Pro Tools Syncing For Alts

Assembling And Spotting EDLs


Waveform Tool

Detail List Tool

Edit List Tool