Kraken is the result of numerous years of obsession with programming and film sound workflow. I have always enjoyed dealing with technical issues such as faulty wavs, dodgy EDLs, bad labelling, sync drift and all the rest.

A few years ago I set out to use my basic programming knowledge to make a tool that would help me fix these issues, and allow me to view, diagnose and edit the various file formats commonly used in sound post production

The Kraken project will evolve over time with additional features that I or other users want. Many interesting possibilities exist in different areas – assembly workflow aids, AAF cleaning/filtering, PTX diagnosis, and many others.

Key features:

  • Audio file library tools optimised for per-project rushes
  • Spotting to Pro Tools maintaining references to original rushes
  • Pro Tools session syncing allows many workflow improvements
  • Floating metadata panel shows enhanced metadata
  • EDL to rushes matching allows timeline assembly

Check out the Videos tab to get a sneak preview of these features.