Assembly To PTX – Direct assembly to PTX with all channels expanded, and various customisation options

Speech Transcription via Krakenizer Tool – The actual transcription tool is available in Advanced only. (But all versions support searching for speech alts)

New Timeline View – a graphical DAW-style timeline that allows for visual cleaning, merging and troubleshooting of multiple EDLS at once.

PTX Preview – Using the new timeline view, you can import a PTX and see a representation of the contents. Useful for picking out bits and pieces from old sessions without having to open them.

Tighten Sync – Correct sync offsets in assemblies via waveform alignment. Can correct for large offsets in problematic workflows


New Speech Panel for speech searching alt takes – NB: Advanced version is needed to actually transcribe your audio material. All versions support browsing the transcription database.

Improved Find Matches modes – now you can isolate different types of matching for tricky situations

Massively upgraded EDL cleaning