Kraken Dialogue Editors Toolkit is an app for Dialogue Editors, Supervisors and Assistants,  made by a Dialogue Editor. It features a wide range of tools for all areas of the job.

Here is a list of some of the key features:

Audio Library tools for playback, search, and spotting of production sound and other recordings.

Transcription and searching of production audio to locate audio files based on their spoken content.

Export to PTX for immediate session assembly in seconds.

Precise Sync Tightening: Align waveforms for synchronization fixes when timecode matching falls short.

Live DAW Syncing enables rapid access to alternate takes and other valuable material.

Visualize and edit EDL/PTX files in a timeline format to facilitate visualization and issue detection.

Floating metadata panel displays enriched metadata, delivering a virtual sound report directly from the location.

Transparent video overlay with customizable fields for creating a ‘virtual burn-in.’

Export Picture and Scene Cut Tracks.

Compare and merge multiple EDLs with visual aids to pinpoint potential workflow challenges.