Kraken Dialogue Editors Toolkit 3

Download the correct version below and start a free trial, or buy it from the purchase page

To grab the Krakenizer Speech Transcriber, go to the Krakenizer page linked at the top and follow the instructions. (Advanced Only)

Pc Version coming soon!

Kraken 3 Advanced – Mac

Download “Kraken 3 Advanced” – Downloaded 507 times – 33 MB

Kraken 3 Basic – Mac

Download “Kraken 3 Basic” – Downloaded 212 times – 33 MB

Alternative links if the buttons dont work:

Kraken 3 Advanced Mac

Kraken 3 Basic Mac

You can download the app dmg via this link and start a 14 day demo, or buy the app directly from the Purchase page. The Getting Started guide inside the apps help document gives a good starting point, and please feel free to contact me via the contact page on the website or on the facebook page. Thanks very much for your interest.

If this download button doesn’t work (some issues with Chrome), try a different browser, Safari etc.

Kraken 2 Download

Download “Kraken 2 Advanced” – Downloaded 2122 times – 33 MB

Download “Kraken 2 Basic” – Downloaded 114 times – 33 MB