App and Speech Model Downloads


Krakenizer 1.2 + main English model

Krakenizer 1.3 – language selection fixes (new upload after first try had a crash bug – for real this time)

Krakenizer 1.3 Compatibility (Intel Mac 2012-2017 Approx)


All speech models should be placed inside a folder you should create called KrakenizerModels located in your Documents folder. The folder is only checked on Krakenizer boot, so restart the app to see any new models added.

English A is a perfectly fine default for most English projects. The bigger models will be slower to transcribe, and may not make a noticeable difference, but feel free to experiment.

English A – 77mb – Fastest – should be fine most standard English projects

English B – 148mb

English C – 487mb

Multilingual B – 465mb – main to use for european languages

Multilingual C – 1.4gb – bigger, slower, might be worth trying